State Waste Tire Fund Fee

Each individual state has established waste tire management funds to address issues related to discarded tires. Examples include tire disposal, remediation of illegally dumped tires, recycling, and consumer education

Cue Anthony Racing collects these state fees when selling tires to consumers as directed by each state.

States use slightly different names for these funds and the amount per tire varies. The state fee Cue Anthony Racing collects is tied to the retail sale of new tires and is passed directly to the state. Each state’s fee will be noted accordingly at check out.

Note that in addition to the state waste tire management fees there may be associated tire disposal fees charged by dealers.

The state fee is not associated with the physical disposal of old tires. On the other hand, any disposal fees collected by a local installer are intended to cover the cost for the private service that picks up the scrap tires customers leave behind at their location.

Additional information can be found online:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency