E30 Spare Wheel Well Delete Panel

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Here we have a handy little item that may just help you with your race car prep! This simple spare wheel well delete panel, is a must for shaving weight, adding a functional diffuser, or running a different configuration exhaust. We made this panel when we were doing just that on our LS1 E30. We wanted to run dual exhaust and have a functioning diffuser setup!


Made of 19 gauge steel Weldable or boltable Weights only 5lbs (as opposed to the spare wheel wells 12lbs + spare tire/rim) – Possible weight savings of 60lbs If made bolt-able, makes for a great quick check panel for rear subframe components You may be asking yourself, why would I want to delete the spare wheel well in my E30. Well if your car is a streetcar, you don’t want to do this. However, if your car is a track/drift/drag car, then this may something you want to do.

Not only are you saving 5lbs by replacing the wheel well with this panel, but also saving much more weight by not dragging around a full-size spare as well. While your in there if you remove the tar in your trunk (which is often mistaken for sound deadening, but is actually a weight ballast), you are removing another 40 lbs there. That’s a potential of 60lbs from the trunk. For the more extreme E30s out there, this means you can now have room to make a diffuser that’s actually functional. Good diffusers will go through this section and through there rear valence area (valence would need to be cut out). As an added plus, you can now run different configuration exhaust setups including an “E28” style dual center exit. Ts is also very helpful for LSX and M6X guys wanting to run true dual exhausts.

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