E28 Stainless Steel Complete 6 Brake Line Kit – DOT Compliant

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Restore a vital safety item on your classic E28! This is by far the best bang for buck mod for your E28 braking system. Rubber lines are cracking by this age in the E28 life. Even when new the stock rubber expands when you press the brake pedal. They expand under the normal pressure of use. This expansion of the brake line negatively affects the brake caliper piston travel and makes for mushy pedal feedback. Stainless steel brake lines improve braking performance. They stiffen your E28 pedal for a more direct feel. USA made and DOT compliant. Whether you’re driving to work or trying to improve your track times, brakes are obviously a critical component of your BMW. The ability to stop when you need to is, of course, critical, but how quickly you come to that stop matter just as much. Your E28 will feel just how drastic of an upgrade this is. Dollar for dollar, this is one of the most cost-friendly upgrades available. Your E28 deserves the best, give it no less.


Inner Teflon® line is covered with a woven stainless steel braid that will not expand under pressure. The advantages include better brake pedal feedback and a firmer pedal, along with superior brake modulation. The results will be immediate! Not to mention they are fully compliant with DOT Standards (MVSS-1006), have a lifetime warranty, and are burst-tested to 6000psi (the maximum tested pressure from a BMW braking system is 1200psi).

Unlike other brands out there, our brake lines have Teflon® inner line covered with a woven layer of stainless steel and covered in an abrasion-resistant material (plastic covering). We even have plastic end pieces so there are no exposed steel fibers. Be sure to have a qualified installer to make sure they are responsible for correct fitting and bleeding procedures as recommended by BMW. As brake line installation is a safety-related item, the installer assumes all responsibilities and risks associated with brake line replacement.


These lines fit all BMW 5 Series E28 models including 528e, 535i, 535is and M5.

If for at any reason you are wondering if these stainless steel brake lines will fit your particular BMW E28, contact us with the last seven digits of your VIN!

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